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Hi, I am Martin Murphy, welcome to my site.~ I speak, coach, write, workshop, host retreats and create engaging events designed to help individuals, leaders, teams and organisations crack the code of optimum performance in business, work and life. If you’d like to collaborate or want to discuss other possibilities, feel free to contact me below.

I designed the POWER philosophy supported by a set of simple, but profound tools that can produce amazing results. The model is a culmination of my research into peak performance ‘flow’ states. My experiences in the Special Forces and time setting up teams across the world, whose job was to effectively combat terrorism and narcotics smuggling, in the commercial sector.

As the POWER model’s name suggests; it‘s designed to empower people with clarity and confidence. The more POWER is utilised, the more team performance will increase. The POWER philosophy allows business leaders to individuate from their business smoothly and operate at a higher level of effectiveness. It also empowers individuals within teams making them agile, creative and enterprising (ACE).

The use of the POWER system will make any organisation more profitable, responsive and customer centric. The POWEphilosophy is especially useful for leaders and teams experiencing the pressures of fast growth where quick learning and adaptability are key to success. The M-POWER Profile will help you build brand authority, making competition irrelevant as stakeholders will ‘buy-in’ to you as opposed to just ‘buying-off’ you. POWER coaching skills allow leaders, managers and coaches to leverage more potential which translates into higher performance and profits. Embedding the POWER philosophy within your organisation will inject clarity into complex, high pressure and fast moving situations.

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Stop Paying People to Daydream in Meetings (1 Day)

This can be a one day or two half days workshop that will transform the way you conduct meetings, making them exponentially more effective. The POWER Meeting System allows team members to understand each other explicitly. Then follows a process that covers each area of influence within human systems. The outcome is a speedy conclusion to meetings, with direction and accountability measures. This is achieved without personal biases getting in the way and as the name implies, it gives the team POWER. These tools are designed for a business that would like to WGTP Logooperate with self-managing teams, or entrepreneurs making the transition from start-up to peak performance organisation.

The POWER Meeting System has produced amazing results for our clients and is a great introduction to the powerful tools we share. We’re so confident that you will want to know more about the system, that we offer a ‘no-quibble’ money back guarantee (less expenses) if you’re not impressed. Would you like to learn this game changing process of introducing ‘flow’ states into your meetings?

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Learn more here: Boost the POWER of your Meetings

More extraordinary ‘POWER’ programmes available to boost the performance of yourself or your organisation include:

Develop your Organisation’s M-POWER Profile (3 Days)

M-POWER Leader Programme (Coaching) 

Learn to POWER Coach (2 Days)

Cultivate POWER Teams within your Organisation (2 Day + Coaching)

For an inspirational personal development day, look out for the 1 Day (check at the bottom of the page):

“Who’s Got the POWER?”

An open workshop that combines the POWER philosophy and tools and culminates with a Firewalk!

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